Top Zoos in the United States

Find the Top Zoos in the United States including US Zoo Facts and Animal information, opinions, facts and Zoos in America resources. Learn more about the best zoos in the United States. from great animals to amazing plant life and well kept zoo cages keeping the animals happy and the zoo visitors even more happy. Find the top zoos in America to find rare and endangered animals as well as fierce and exciting up and close tours to get you closer to the animals than ever before.

elephant Top Zoos in the United States

San Diego Zoo - Top Zoo in the United States

The top zoo in America is by the San Diego Zoo. What makes the San Diego Zoo the most interesting Zoo in America is it’s wide range of Animals. You can view almost any animal in the San Diego Zoo. The Zoo is so large that you may need to ride the sky ride or take a bus tour to get around the zoo. View different types of Animals from orangutans, elephants, bears, gorillas, birds, polar bears, panda bears, tigers, cats, mountain lions, male and female lions, koala bears from Australia, Lemurs, Monkeys, Meerkats, and more great animals. You can even view reptiles such as snakes, turtles, lizards, but don’t get too close! These animals are well caged so you couldn’t get bit by a rattle snake. View amazing birds including huge vultures that are very scary looking. Get up close and personal with wild animals including hippos and rhinoceros.

The San Diego Zoo offers a year pass and you can go to the Zoo whenever you want. Therefore, if you live near California, it’s definitely worth a visit for multiple trips to the zoo to see some of the most awesome and fun animals in the world.

In addition to getting a pass for the San Diego Zoo. What makes San Diego Zoo one of the Top Zoos in the United States is that this zoo is that the pass also comes with a pass to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. At the Wild Animal park, you can view animals in their natural habitats as opposed to seeing the animals in cages. While it’s tougher to ensure that you see the animal you want to see, it’s very special when you do as you can see them in a different setting then a normal zoo. This is the Top Zoo and park for Adults and kids, but kids tend to enjoy the San Diego Zoo more than the Wild Animal Park. The park is similar to traveling around the Safari in Kenya Africa, but doing it in a zoo in the United States. If you’re lucky you may see some cheetahs or rhinos scurrying around the park or you can catch rare and endangered horn bills.

One of the Top zoos in Florida and the United States as a whole is Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. It has over one thousand animals and hundreds of species of animals to take you on a journey as if your were in the African bush. It’s like being in a safari all over again as your watch the pride of the lions and see how these amazing animals survive on their on in the wild. Watch the herding of buffalo and other great animals. There is a huge tree that reaches about 14 stories in the air with hundreds of animals carved into it.

Zoo Animals Top Zoos in the United States

Bald Eagle - Best Zoo Animal

One of the Best and top zoos in America happens to be in Manhattan. The Central Park Zoo is a great fun zoo for kids and adults to go visit in the summer months. Find great seals and your kids and the children will love to be with the animals when they are in the center of New York City. If you’re looking for more animals in New York. The Bronx Zoo is one of the top Zoos in the US and New York featuring thousands of animals with great viewing and and information on all the animals you’re seeing. The Bronx Zoo has great lowland gorillas from the Congo Gorilla Forest and awesome leopards From the Himalayan. You can even walk around the Bronx rainforest as if your are in Asia and view the rain forest animals and tropical birds.

Top Zoo Top Zoos in the United States

Top Zoo in the US

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