Most Beautiful US Shorelines

The US is famous for it’s amazing sites and national parks, but also for it’s shorelines and the towns that border the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. The United States Most Beautiful beaches and coastal shorelines are some of the most beautiful places and in the world, not just the US. View our list of the best and most beautiful shores in the United States.

Palm Beach, Florida
Malbu, California
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Sag Harbor, New York Hamptons
Nantucket, Massachussetts
Oak Bluffs, Massachussetts
Carmel, California
Ocean City, New Jersey
Longport, New Jersey
Bar Harbor, Maine
Stinson Beach, California

These shorelines in the US have some of the most beautiful views of the ocean, great sand, and water and a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the US. They are frequented by tourists and travelers all over the world for their natural environment and breathtaking wonder. They are the cornerstones and borders of North America and make the US the special country and place that it is.

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