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Getting car insurance can be a tough thing to do, and getting the cheapest car insurance rates can be even tougher when there are so many different car insurance providers that offer inexpensive car insurance. This list is dedicated to providing you with a list of the best and top rated car insurance providers who have great offerings, good customer support, easy to use websites, and some of the best rates for your auto insurance needs. Even if you have bad credit or you’ve been in a number of accidents, you can still use these providers to get a good cheap car insurance quote for your automobile. The best way to truly get the cheapest rate on your car insurance is to receive a quote from some of the providers that meet your needs the best and see what gets you farthest for comp and collisions, standard auto insurance, or a more premium auto insurance plan with more coverage.

All State
Good accident coverage and responsiveness at All State. They are also good and have recently provided discounts when you have your auto and motorcycle insurance all together with All State insurance providers.
Visit All State Car Insurance Provider for an insurance quote today

Even the Geico Gekko knows that they Geico has the ability to provide you with a good rate and help you save money on your car insurance.
Visit Geico Auto Insurance Provider to get online Car Insurance Quotes

The General
The General is a good car insurance company and auto insurance provider at getting you a good rate on insuring your automobile. The General is particularly good if you don’t have the best credit or have been in an automobile accident. The General specializes in dealing with these types of individuals, so if that’s you, you should try getting a quote from the General. The only issue is that the General doesn’t provide National Car Insurance and they only provide insurance for automobile’s in certain states. Visit the General for more info on the insurance quotes and the states in which they provide car insurance.

The people at progressive are pretty quick with their quote and provide good customer service. You’ll know pretty quick if Progressive can beat a quote from another care insurance provider.
Visit Progressive for Auto Insurance

State Farm
Who can forget the funny State Farm commercials. Like a good neighbor, State Farm Auto Insurance is there to provide you with a good auto insurance rate. Unlike other car insurance providers, State Farm has more a soft sell and they don’t haggle you into joining their auto insurance program. They typically have a friendly staff and are easy to deal with.
Visit the State Farm website for more details

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