Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Here’s a list of largest vehicles in the world. Amazing, a big vehicle that you can not see in everyday life or in other words, vehichle special purpose (vehicle created for the specific job). because the creation of the giant machines that many mega projects easily and efficiently realized. Here’s the list of the largest vehicles in the world.

9. Liebherr hydraulic shovel

This giant shovel Liebherr hydarulic in production by liebherr group, the complex of German manufacturing companies, and one of largest in the world for similar type. This tool is used for heavy work in the mines open. This vehicle has 656 tons weighs. With Cummins diesel engine C 180 E, 16-cylinder 50.3-liter capacity and can produce power equal to 3000hp at 1800rpm engine speed, whereas the strength to dig the ground is 1500 kN. Fuel tank capacity is 13,000 liters while the hydraulic tank capacity is 4.600 liters, and the maximum hydraulic pressure is 350bar. The bucket volume up to 36 m3, or the equivalent of one load 60ton.

largest vehicles in the world liebherr hydraulic shovel 300x199 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Liebherr Hydraulic Shovel

8. Caterpillar 797f

This big truck look like a house, it’s created by the Caterpillar plant origin United States. This truck is made for the purpose of mining with a very high production and heavy construction. The load capacity of trucks is one of the highest and largest in the world. This model was introduced in 2008 and entered full production in 2009. This latest model is much larger and stronger than the previous model series 797b and has a capacity of 400 tons carrying capacity while only 797B series of 380ton.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B caterpillar 797f 300x246 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Caterpillar 797f

7. Komatsu D575A Superdozer

Komatsu D575A Superbuldozer was made by Komatsu Ltd. of Japan is currently the largest bulldozer that ever made. This bulldozer is used in strip mining of coal mining in North American band, this is more efficient than using a drag line on the mining. bulldozer was 4.88 meters tall and has a 11.72m long and makes it the largest and most powerful bulldozers in the world.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B komatsu D575A superdozer 300x177 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Komatsu D575A Superdozer

6. Mobile Launcher Platform

The mobile launcher platform, or MLP is a giant satellite transport vehicles which have a weight of 8.23 million pounds when unloaded, has a weight of about 11 million pounds, complete with satellite above. This vehicle has a long dimension of 160 feet (49m) width of 135 feet (41m) and High around 25 feet (7.6 m), is one of three two-story structure that is used by NASA to support the stack shuttle during transportation from factory to launch at Pad 39-A Kennedy Space Center, and also can as the rocket launcher vehicle.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B mobile launcher platform 199x300 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Mobile Launcher Platform

5. Volvo NH15 BP Tanker

Volvo NH15 BP Tanker Road Train is a truck concept that’s used in remote areas of Argentina, Australia, Mexico, United States and Canada to move large loads efficiently. In Australia, this vehicles are often called as road trains, while in the U.S. and Canada is often called “triples”, “Turnpike Double” or “Rocky Mountain doubles”. In production by the company in 1998 Volvo.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B volvo NH15 tanker BP 300x225 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Volvo NH15 Tanker BP

4. TEREX 33-19 Titan

TEREX 33-19 “Titan” is one of the largest truck operated until the year 1998. If fully loaded truck can achieve speeds of 29.8 mph. It’s desaigned and built by TEREX division of general motors company in 1973, and 13 years of operation after  TEREX titan is now on display and enter to the museum at the spar-wood British Columbia, Canada. TEREX 33-19 is the largest version of the series 33 TEREX off-road haulers.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B terex 33 19 titan 300x168 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Terex 33 19 Titan

3. Big Bud 747

With a length of 27 feet width of 20 feet and 14 feet tall and weighing 100 000 pounds, big bud 16-V 747 or 747, is the largest tractor in the world, created in 1977 in Montana, United States. The main usefulness of this tractor to plow the land is agricultural. This tractor can cultivate the agricultural land area of 60 hectares per hour with a speed of 8 mph.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B big bud 747 300x147 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World Big Bud 747

2. “Captain” Marion 6360

With a total weight of 28 million pounds, the captain is the excavator with the greatest power in the world. This giant machine built by the Marion shovel electric company in 1965. capacity of the bucket can lifted or transport materials weighing 300 tons. “Captain” is one of two largest vehicle ever built on land, and after a long operation in retire in 1992.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B marion 6360 293x300 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

Marion 6360

1. 1850B Bucyrus-erie “Big Brutus”

Bucyrus-Erie 1805B, is called as  the “Big Brutus” that has a 49m height and weight 11 million pounds is the second largest electric shovel in the world, used from the years 1960-1970. Currently on display at museums west of the mining and minerals, in Kansas United States. The capacity of bucket is approximately 150 tons and reach a maximum speed of 0.22 mph, and in 1962 cost about 6.5 million dollars.

largest vehicles in the world 1850B bucyrus erie 300x291 Top 9 Largest Vehicles in the World

1850B Bucyrus Erie

From the list of largest vehicles above, do you ever been seen these vehicles?

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