Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World

This time, I want to post top 3 biggest production truck in the world. Those trucks are not produced by Individual and functional. Mostly, they are employed in the mining areas and capable to carry tons of payloads and move it to specific location or processing plants.

3. Titan TEREX

Truk terbesar Titan TEREX Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World


Titan TEREX is made by General Motors of Canada. The machine is 16 cylinders locomotive engine and can supply 3.300 horsepower to the wheels. It has large generator that enough to light 250 houses with electric power.

The technical specs as follows:

Height: 6, 9 meters (22,5 feet) With Box Raised: 17,1 meters (56 foot)

Length: 20, 1 meters (66 feet) Width: 7,6 meters (25 feet)

Weight: 260 tons

Max Capacity: 610 tons

Tires Size: 11,5 feet diameter and 4 tons each


2. The Caterpillar 797

Truk terbesar The Caterpillar 797 Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World


Caterpillar 797 or Cat 797 uses a diesel machine 24 cylinder quad-turbo with V24 configurations. It has 3,400HP and can carry 360 ton of Payload. The height is 23 meters and almost 50 feet with box raised. The total length is 47, 5 feet, the tire is 13 feet high, and the mechanical system of the truck is monitored by 8 onboard computers. It is sold for US$ 3,400,000 and the tires alone are worth US$30,000 each.



1. The Liebherr T282

Liebherr T282 Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World


The Liebherr T282 is capable to lift and transports 400 tons of payloads. It uses a Diesel Cummins engine with capacity 3.650HP. The price of the truck is US$ 3,000,000 and that money not included the tires. The rearview mirror is completed with video cameras and the technical specs as follows:

Length: 50 feet 3 inches

Height: 25 feet 9 inches

Wheelbase: 21 feet 7 inches

Weight: 224 ton (include machine 11,5 tons)

Max Capacity: 400 tons- 653 tons

Maximum Speed: 40mph

Full tank fuel: 1.250 gallons

Have you ever ride one of biggest truck in the world above ?

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