Biggest Airline in the World

The largest and biggest airline in the world is the Airbus 380. It is an enormous Airplane, and it’s cost a billion dollars and millions of hours have been spent making this airplane. One of the most powerful and thrilling commercial airlines. The a380 is a massive airplane that is truly a bus on wheels and that most powerful airplane Airbus has ever built.

The maiden voyage of the Airbus 380 was a success, many people showed up to watch the event as the A380 took into the sky for the first time. The flight lasted around 4 hours and there was preparation every where. It was almost as if flying a spaceship as there was tons of people helping to make sure it was a successful trip. The engines are so huge and bigger than engines on all other planes. Thousands have worked on the A380 first takeoff and this new massive airline could be the future of travel in the world carrying more passengers than other, with massive throttles and thrust, it’s a powerhouse on wheels. Watching the A380 Airbus take off the ground is like watching a building fly into the sky. It is hands down the largest airline the world has ever seen to take off into the sky.

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