Latest and Newest US Military Riffle-XM25

Here`s latest and newest riffle for US military, XM25.
This new military riffle came from Alliant Techsystems, Minnesota. The length is 29 inch and the weight is 6.35 kg. This semi automatic riffle can hit any enemy who hide behind the wall.

xm25 iaws Latest and Newest US Military Riffle XM25


The special ammunition is completed with computer chip and it can be set to explode 10 feet in front or behind the target. It is so powerful and deadly so that the enemy only have option to run to escape from it. The effective range is 550 yard or 500m and it has capability to launch a grenade.
futuristic looking 2.5 pound xm25 iaws Latest and Newest US Military Riffle XM25

XM25 Riffle

This weapon is a revolutionary weapon and easy to use said Christopher Lehner,Project manager .Cost per weapon is $25,000 and I hope soon this latest and newest riffle could reduce the amount of casualties from American soldier

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