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Download computer wallpaper from some great desktop computer wallpapers websites on the web. These sites are a great resource for updating your desktop computer wallpaper, laptop wallpaper, pc desktop free wallpaper, and home computer desktop background image. Search by category and find the best image and download to use for your personal computer wallpapers. If you’re looking for animated or 3D desktop wallpapers, you can try computer screensavers as there are very animated 3D Free Screensavers on the internet that are free and fun to display on your desktop computer screen. What’s great about most computer displays is that you can simple right click to set a picture onto your desktop wallpaper, try great nature pictures, animals pictures, or landscape photos to lighten up your computer desktop.

Here are some cool desktop wallpaper images to display on your computer screen.

SantaMonica Download Computer Wallpaper

Santa Monica Beach California

LagunaBeach Download Computer Wallpaper

Laguna Beach - Southern California

CoronaDelMar Download Computer Wallpaper

These are great pictures of beaches taken on the Pacific Coast of California in the United States. Pictures of beaches, sand, the ocean, make great images to display on your desktop wallpaper. However, if you have kids, you may want to rotate pictures of your kids on your desktop wallpaper. Many of the wallpaper programs on the above websites will allow you to add your own pictures and have a different picture show up on your desktop computer wallpaper each and every day. It’s a lot of fun and something you should definitely try!

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