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Find the Most Interesting Logos Facts, including Technology Web Design information, Business facts, opinions and resources. View our list of Logos that have left a mark on the Graphic Design and Web Design world at large, as well as Corporate Branding.

  • One of the world’s most amazing and interesting logos are from these brands below. They have created a world wide brand and brand recognition just by view their simple logos or their logo icon. Their logo has become synonymous with their corporate brand and their company creating a perfect synergy between interesting logo design and branding. These brand logos will inspire you for your logo design to think about how important a logo is when you create your business as these logos have inspired the world with their simple look and feel.
  • Target’s simple bulls eye logo in the red color is something that you can’t confuse with any other logo. It takes one look at the red bulls eye to know that the logo is Target. In the stores, the website, and anywhere you see target they do a great of incorporating the red bulls-eye logo into everything that do. It’s a amazing connection between company and logo making it one the most interesting logos the world has ever seen.
  • Starbucks is known for it’s coffee and it’s new idea for coffee shops around the world. It’s coffee is super addicting and attracts millions of people every minute, but Starbucks logo is also very interesting. It’s Angelic design is on it’s cups and is so unique and original that you can’t miss it and not tell what company the logo is from after viewing the angel on the cup logo design.
  • Coca Cola changed the logo design world when it created it’s simple cursive Coca Cola logo. The Coca Cola logo is synonymous with it’s brand and culture and just breathes the word, thirsty. When we see this logo, it’s one of the most interesting logos as we immediately get thirsty and think about the refreshing coca cola and all the amazing commercials, and experiences we’ve had drinking coca cola, which makes the consumer simply want to go out and buy one to drink a coca cola today.
  • The NBA basketball logo has defined the NBA brand across the world. When you see the NBA brand on a pair of clothes, you know that is the authentic clothes of the professional athletes and it makes you feel powerful. The simple basketball player silhouette dribbling the basketball makes your think about how much we “love this game” and has shot the NBA logo onto the top of the list for one of the most interesting logos.
  • The Disney logo is simple, but what is the most interesting part of the Disney logo is that it says kids and children. You can’t look at the Disney logo and brand name and not have the feeling that this logo has something to do with kids. That is a special and interesting feat in itself to combine logo design with a association for what that target market that logo or company is trying to reach.
  • Bank of America has one of the most interesting logos for it’s design and simplicity. While the mixture of the blue and red colors is something that is not very interesting or unique among logo design, if you add the simple colors and font of their logo with their signature logo icon, then have something very special. They have accomplished this through their logo icon, which connects the colors of their font and style and brings it all together to be one of the most interesting logos in the world.
  • The Microsoft logo is simple and black but what makes the Microsoft logo so interesting is how it was able to achieve such great lengths with the simple black color logo. What did this was it’s new concept on the Italic font and leveraging the font shape with the Italicizing of the letters makes Microsoft’s logo stand out amongst the rest of it’s kind. Also, a logo is just a logo unless it’s backed with great products and Microsoft made it’s logo even more interesting when they backed it up with exceptional products.
  • The eBay logo was interesting, new and fun and said something about the Internet. It’s big simple 4 letter word stands out among the rest.
  • The Google logo must be one of the worlds most interesting logos. For one, it’s a perfect combination of font and colors. Google also backed it’s logo and company with great technology and products to make it’s logo that much more powerful. However, the fact that makes the Google logo so much more special is that is has actually become a word in our vocabulary as it’s synonymous with the word “Search”. People will just say “Google it” which is the same as saying search. Google has also brought the world into the fun of their logo by having contests where they let people design their own Google logo, and they also always put a new logo design on the website for holidays and special days that is tied to a search results. What a great idea and you can see all Google’s interesting logos of the past here.

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