7 Biggest Machines in the world

Here`s 7 biggest machines in the world. The machines were manufactured for special purpose and to solve the hardest challenge that was never unriddle before.

Next, these are the details

1. Biggest Drilling machine in the world- Strata 950.

1 chile drilling 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Strata 950 on Duty

Last year, trapped Chilean miners headlined many publication worldwide. To set the miners free, Chile government had used and tried many ways but none of them worked until the rescue team employed Strata 950 Drilling machine on Duty. The weight is 40 tons and it was used to bore 700 meters/2,300 rock bed. The machine did the duty as planned,. 25-inch diameters of hole had dug above the 33 trapped miners and gave them a way to back to the surface. After the rescue plan succeed, The machine was dissembled and it took 42 trucks to carry the parts of the drilling machine back to the city

2.Largest and Heaviest Aircraft in the world- Antonov An-225

2 airplane2 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Antonov An-225

Came from Antonov Design Bureau of Soviet Union/Ukraine, this is Antonov An-225. Since its first flight in December 1988, Antonov An-225 is known as the largest and heaviest fixed-wing aircraft on earth.Since that time, it was also employed as a heavy airlift shipping and it is still operational until this date. The empty weight load is 285,000 kg and it can take off/lift 640,000 kg items. The cost of cargo shipping using this plane is around €266,000- €300,000/flight. It depends on the destination and the item itself

3. Biggest (production) Bulldozer in the world- D575A-3SD

3 bullzover 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Bull Dozer D575A-3SD

Big, Pricey, heavy, this is D575A-3SD Bulldozer from Komatsu company, Ishikawa, Japan. It is 16 feet high, 41 feet long, 24 feet wide and the weight is 152,600 kilograms /336,000 lb. This big monster is the best friend to remove or shove huge pile of dirt on a mountain or on the middle of the street. It is build to save time, to save energy and to move piles of rubble, rock or dirt to other place

4. Biggest Truck in the world- Liebherr T 282B

4 trucl1 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Liebherr T 282B

This huge vehicle was designed and manufactured by Liebherr Mining Equipment Co, Newport News, Virginia, USA and the company only released 75 units yearly. The truck was released in 2004. Cost at US$3 million, this big machine can carry up to 400 short tons/363 t materials one way at top speed 40 mph (64 km/h). The transmission is AC electric and the wheelbase alone is 21 ft 6 in /6.55 meters high

5. Largest and Highest-energy Particle Accelerator- Large Hadron Collider

5 collider 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Large Hadron Collider

It is recorded as the longest machines ever build in the world. At total length 27 km, the machine cost 9 billion US dollars and it made the machine recorded as the most expensive scientific instruments available on earth.

Large Hadron Collider is an importat research center to research energy , physics, and particles. It is located under Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland , and It is owned by European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Over 10,000 scientists from 100 countries officiate here and collaborate to understand how God makes live

6. Biggest Mechanical Spider in the wold

6 spider 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Les Mecaniques Servants

The big spider was used as theatrical machine and it was built by French company La Machine and they entitled the machine with “Les Mecaniques Servants”. It was exhibited near Liverpool`s waterfront in England on September 5, 2008. It moved and walked along the waterfront and attracted many visitors. It is 50 feet (15 meters) tall and 37-ton weight

7. Largest Digging Machine in the world- Krupp Digging Machine

7 digg machine 7 Biggest Machines in the world

Krupp Digging Machine

Krupp Digging Machine is a rare digging machine and it is known as one of the most effective mine machine in the world. Beside used as digging machine, It is sometimes functioned as trencher and rotating shovel. It stands 95 meters high, stretches 215 meters long and weights 45,500 tons. The designing and manufacturing took 5 years and the total cost was $100,000,000

Tell me which Biggest machines do you like ?

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