10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War

In the past, war is often done in close range. Swords, shell, and catapult were common weapons that were used and those weapons were not enough. In the past, a weapon should be brutal. The brutality effect can bring a psychological effect in battlefield and it was needed in a war zone

Next, I `ll give you 10 most brutal weapons in a time of war

10. Knobkerrie

1.Knobkerrie 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


A knobkerrie was designed to give a serious impact to a nose or groin. It is very easy to use this weapon, swing it and then slammed it to enemy`s face and you ll hit a score. This weapon was used by by many tribes in many continents and today, we can find this weapon on the end of standard hunting knives.

Famous appearing: Used by Zulu warrior in the movie “Zulu”

9. Caltrop

2caltrop 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


Mostly found in Ninja movies and was common found in the era of Samurai vs Ninja. Caltrop is a steel with 3,4 or more sharp points that was often used by a soldier to stop any pursuer who was trying to catch them. It was functioned as an instant trap to injure enemy`s foot behind.

Famous appearing: Movie Ninja Assassin and James bond series

8. Morning Star

3.Morning star 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War

Morning star

Unlike its name, Morning star was a nasty weapon in a time of war. Morning star is an old stick weapon with spikes or blades on top of the ball. The impact of this weapon was more brutal than Knobkerrie more over when it was slamming the head or face soldier. The upgraded of morning star has had a chain between the shaft stick and the thorny ball.
Famous appearing: Movie Lord of the ring

7. Chakram

4. chakram 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


Chakram is a thrown weapon ,like a Frisbee, that could be found in the movie Xena. Chakram was a deadly weapon that could beheaded the foe`s head if it is thrown precisely Chakram has effective range 100m and it could be used in a close distance war.

6. Maul

5. maul 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


Maul was a tool in carpentry that was re-functioned in a war zone.Maul was used to strike enemy`s knees or shins before it was used to hit the head.Basically, it was no rule to use this weapon. Just strike and killed. Helmet barely withstood the force of the maul because it hit the internal area instead slicing like a sword

5. War Scythe

6.war scythe 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


This is another tool that was not originally meant to kill people.A standard Scythe was re-modified and sharpen so that it was capable to cut a metal helmet and much lighter than a standard Scythe for farming.War Scythe was more efficient to carry than Maul or morning star.

4. Dragon Beard Hook

7.dragon beard hook 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War

Dragon Beard Hook

Dragon Beard Hook came from Song Dynasty in China. The implementation is similar like fishing. It has one sharp-weird-nasty hook plus rope or chain to cast the hook. In battle zone, most of the victim were killed by the hook or their body or head was ripped apart by the violence of the hook before they finally bleeding to death.

3. Nunchaku

8.nunchaku 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


This weapon was adopted from farming tool and it was popular weapon from Japan. Nunchaku are made from wood or metal arms. At the time of war, nunchaku was modified with blades or razor to hurt the enemy quickly.Nunchaku is an art weapon. People who chose this weapon should train themselves first before they could carry it on open war.

2. Bardiche

9.polish bardiche axe 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


Bardiche is a modified weapon combining poleaxe and axe. It was used in Eastern European and Russian wars and it was known for the cruelty and critical impact. Bardiche was mostly used by a big size soldier. Combining Big soldier and Bardiche was a good strategy to win a war before the war itself begun

1. Blunderbuss

10.barnettflblunderbuss 10 Most Brutal Historical Weapons in War


Different from old shot gun, Blunderbuss could be loaded with other than bullet. Blunderbuss could shot shrapnel, metal, or scraps. The weapon was used in a close range and it could give nasty injury to any part of the foe`s body.
Famous appearing: Pirates of the Caribbean movies.Jack sparrow used similar gun during the movie.
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  1. Triple Chain Flail similar to morning star but more lethal if hit and more punishing if missed

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