5 Coldest Places in the world

  Once you stay a month in one of 5 places I am going to mention on the following list, you won’t need to wear a thick coat when you are in London or Swiss during the winter. This is 5 coldest places in the world. Most of the areas below are under territory of [...]

Top 5 coldest places in the World

Here’s a list of the coldest places in the world. As we know that the countries with cold weather is in west area, such as Swiss, London, and any other countries. Here’s a list of  places with known as the coldest places in the world. 5. Northice Station The coldest place in the western hemisphere [...]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

We can just imagine what’s our feeling when passing these most dangerous roads in the world. You must be take a deep breath and trust your life to your driver when You have to pass these roads. Let’s take a look at how dangerous is those dangerous roads in the world 10. Stelvio Pass Road [...]