Most Interesting US cities

Find the Most Interesting US cities Facts, including United States information, opinions, Cities and State facts and US resources. Best US Cities and top Cities in the United States to live in. Best places to live in America of the Top 100 towns: Top Cities by Population: Most interesting and largest US Cities in America: [...]

Interesting Memorial Day Facts

Find the most interesting, fun, fascinating and weird facts about the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. This holiday is celebrated in the end of May and companies let their employees take the day off to pay their respects to the veterans, soldiers, army, navy, and those who fought in wars and or died [...]

Cool Independence Day Facts

Find the most interesting and cool facts about Independence day holiday in the United States of the America. View fascinating and exciting facts about the Fourth of July holiday in the summer and celebration of the Independence and freedom. Independence first came when the American’s refused to be taxed by the British. So in the [...]

Mitt Romney President Facts

Find the most interesting facts about Mitt Romney’s decision to run for office in 2012. Learn fascinating facts about the presidential election. Today, Mitt Romney declared himself a Republican candidate for the President of the United States. He will be running against President Barack Obama in 2012. Mitt Romney is the former governor of Mass [...]

Facts about Bar Harbor

View the most interesting facts and information about Bar Harbor, Maine located along the coast of the one the northernmost states in the United States of America. Find fascinating and interesting facts to help when planning your trip to Bar Harbor in Maine. Bar Harbor is a very cute town visited by tons of people [...]

Facts about Memorial Day

Find interesting and cool facts about the Memorial Day holiday in May of this year. Memorial day is a holiday that’s celebrated in America in end of the May. It used to be called D-Day or Decoration Day to remember the war in which American soldiers died for the United States country. It’s also a [...]

Facts about Eastport Maine

View the interesting Facts about the city of Eastport Maine in the United States of America. Eastport Maine is a great place to visit and one of the most special cities in the state of Maine for being the eastern most city in the United States. EastPort is memorable for name East Port and after [...]

Most Beautiful US Shorelines

The US is famous for it’s amazing sites and national parks, but also for it’s shorelines and the towns that border the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. The United States Most Beautiful beaches and coastal shorelines are some of the most beautiful places and in the world, not just the US. View our list of [...]

Interesting Facts about American History

Find the most interesting facts about America and the United States. From the great beaches to the wonderful landscapes and national monuments and treasures, America is a great place to visit for it’s national parks, camping hiking, and amazing site seeing. There are over 12,000 miles of coast in the US, that surrounds the country [...]

Most Interesting Presidents

Find the Most Interesting Presidents Facts, including People information, President facts, opinions and resources. These Presidents lead the nation during interesting times in our history, either during a war, an economic crisis, and made our list for the most interesting presidents. For that reason, these are the best presidents in USA history. Most Interesting Facts [...]