Best Songs to Cover

View our list of the best music songs to cover for bands and artists. These songs are awesome no matter what singer or artist is playing. So if you have a band and your looking for great cover songs to impress the crowd, try one of these cover songs and stay away from the worst [...]

Worst Songs to Cover

These songs have notoriously been the worst cover songs and they may be ok songs for the original artist, they have never been good when another artists tries to sing these songs. They should stick to the original artist and maybe Kareoke, Whenever we hear a band play these songs, we say Oh No! American [...]

Worst Artists to Cover

View our lists of the worst Artists to cover. No matter what these artists are not good artists to cover their songs. They also are not the best at covering other bands songs and we think they should to stick to their own material. Madonna Sheryl Crow Dolly Parton Hillary Duff Bangles Michael Bolton Limp [...]

Most Crazy Songs

View a list of the most crazy songs on the planet. These songs are so crazy, wacky, wild and funny that it begs you to listen to them. From Crazy lyrics to crazy artists, bands, and singers, these songs are tons of fun. Basket Case by Green Day Brain Damage by Pink Floyd Crazy by [...]

Angry Break Up Songs

View a list of the most angry break up songs in the world. These break up songs tell it like it is and say that it’s time to move on and break up. Whether sad or angry, a break up is never easy but sometimes it’s easier said with a song. After The Love Has [...]

Best Counting Songs

Find the best counting songs in music. 1, 2, 3, these songs are great for counting and also great for count downs such as the big new years countdown. So download these songs when you want to be pepped up with some numbers and count down to a big occasion. Rock around the Clock by [...]

Songs that give the best advice

View our list of the songs that gift the best advice. Whether it’s advice to get over an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and move on with your life, it’s just great advice about living, these songs have good meanings and provide great advice to listeners to make you feel great. Take it or leave it, taking [...]

Best Driving Songs

View our list of the best driving songs in music as these songs are amazing to play on the Radio or in the CD player when you go for a long drive, they keep you pumped up and excited as you drive in the car and therefore they top the list for the best driving [...]

Best Wedding Songs of All Time

View our list of the best wedding songs of all time. These songs are the perfect songs to play for your first dance after you get married. Pick one of these great songs and your guests will be impressed at your true love of music as these songs will help confirm the love you have [...]

Best Songs for a Party

If you are throwing a party, a wedding, or just any party to have some fun and your looking for the best songs for a Party, then we have a great list for your ipod, or your playlist for your big event. These songs are so much fun and everyone loves them and they make [...]