Most Annoying Singers

View our list of the most annoying singers, rappers, and musicians of all time. These artists are so annoying and we can’t stand to hear any more of their music. Their time is up and it’s time for a new singer to take the lead for these singers as they can be so annoying. Paris [...]

Ugliest Singers

View our list of the ugliest singers in the music industry. These singers and artists are so ugly that make you go wow when you look at them. If you have an ugly artist to add to our list make sure you add it to our comments. Thom Yorke Alex Van Halen G.G. Allin Lemmy [...]

Top Female Artists of All Time

Find the top female artists of all time and add your favorite female artist to our group of the great female singers, musicians, and artists. These female artists have the whole package bringing performance, beauty, hot looks, great vocals, great songs, staying power and more to top the music charts. We will always love them [...]