Consecutive Starts by a QuarterBack

Brett Farve holds the record for the most consecutive games as a QB. He started in 1992 and played every game over the next 19 season. It reached 297 straight games and ended in 2010 when he got hurt and Tavaris Jackson came in to play for him. It’s Brett;s last season and he played [...]

Best QB Passer Rating in the NFL

These QB’s have the best QB Passer Rating in the NFL for continually throwing accurate passes and receptions. They throw a lot of passes, and make a lot of pass attempts, but also complete more than all other QB’s in the NFL making them sharp throwers and very tough to defend. Aaron Rodgers just led [...]

Most QB wins in the NFL

These QB’s have the most wins in the NFL. Many of them also have the best winning percentage, meaning almost any game they play in , these quarterbacks find a way to win the game. Be worried if your the opposing team and your playing against these QB’s when it matters as they top the [...]

Most QB Passing Yards in the NFL

These QB’s have the most passing yards in NFL history and they hold the record for throwing reaching the most passing yards through their game in, game out passing attempts and great receivers and passing accuracy. Brett Favre has 71,838 passing yards as a QB in the NFL Dan Marino has 61,361 passing yards as [...]

Most Complete Passes in the NFL

View the NFL players with the most complete passes for an NFL quarterback. This means they have connected to receivers with the most passes completed, more than any other QB in the NFL. Brett Favre holds the record for the most complete passes in the NFL with 6300 completed passes, followed by Dan Marino with [...]