NBA Playoff Field Goals

View the NBA players who made the most NBA playoff field goals and also attempted the most field goals in NBA playoff history. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for making the most field goals in NBA playoffs history at 2,356 field goals made while Michael Jordan took a record 4,497 NBA Playoff field goals attempted [...]

NBA Playoff Assists

View the players who loved to passed and hold the records in the NBA playoffs for the most assists. These players assisted other players on their team in scoring the basketball. Magic Johnson had tons of assists in NBA Playoff games, at one point averaging over 17 assists per game. Way back in 1983, Johnny [...]

Most Three Point Shot Attempts in NBA Playoffs Half

View the NBA players with the Most Three Point Shot Attempts in NBA Playoffs Half of the Game. Both Gary Payton and Kobe Bryant have taken 11 three point shot attempts in a NBA playoff game half. Gary Payton took 11 three point field goal attempts for the Seattle SuperSonics playing the Houston Rockets on [...]

Most OT Points in NBA Playoff Game

View the player with the Most OT Points in a NBA Playoff Game. Clyde the Glyde Drexler scored 13 points in OT for the Portland Trail Blazers against the the Los Angeles Lakers on April 29, 1992. It was the most overtime points in the history of the NBA playoffs

Most Super Bowl Appearances

Otto Grahm of the Cleveland Browns holds this record for most super bowl appearances. Otto grahm could be classified as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. In those days, it was championship game. Otto also played basketball. It was in the 1946 in the All American football conference in the beginning, but the [...]