Most Crazy Songs

View a list of the most crazy songs on the planet. These songs are so crazy, wacky, wild and funny that it begs you to listen to them. From Crazy lyrics to crazy artists, bands, and singers, these songs are tons of fun. Basket Case by Green Day Brain Damage by Pink Floyd Crazy by [...]

Interesting Solar Energy Facts

View the most interesting facts about Solar Energy and solar power through the use of solar panels and finding new ways to create renewable energy through solar generators and the power from the sun. The sun is one of the most potent forms of energy the world has ever known, sending solar rays down to [...]

Interesting facts about Venus

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Interesting Facts about Jupiter

Find interesting facts about Jupiter and whether there could life on Jupiter that humans don’t know about. Find fun Astronomy facts and information about planets including mars at most interesting facts. Find Interesting Facts on Jupiter, including Science information, Space facts, opinions and resources. Jupiter seems to be the closest planet that man could have [...]