Worst NFL Team in History

The Tampa Bay Bucs hold the record for 26 consecutive losses. It was truly a terrible team and the most memorable bad team in the NFL. They could be called the worst team in NFL history. Other teams like the Oakland Raiders lost 19 straight games and the Cardinals also lost 19 straight games, but [...]

Consecutive Starts by a QuarterBack

Brett Farve holds the record for the most consecutive games as a QB. He started in 1992 and played every game over the next 19 season. It reached 297 straight games and ended in 2010 when he got hurt and Tavaris Jackson came in to play for him. It’s Brett;s last season and he played [...]

Best Wide Receiver of All Time

Don Hudson is a wide receiver who hold the record for 8 straight seasons with most Touchdowns. Emmit Smith, Lance Allworth, Jim Brown each led the NFL record in the most touch downs. Again, times were different when Don Hudson was scoring touchdowns. Don Hudson would have more receptions and touchdowns than entire teams. He [...]

Most Super Bowl Appearances

Otto Grahm of the Cleveland Browns holds this record for most super bowl appearances. Otto grahm could be classified as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. In those days, it was championship game. Otto also played basketball. It was in the 1946 in the All American football conference in the beginning, but the [...]

Most Complete Passes in the NFL

View the NFL players with the most complete passes for an NFL quarterback. This means they have connected to receivers with the most passes completed, more than any other QB in the NFL. Brett Favre holds the record for the most complete passes in the NFL with 6300 completed passes, followed by Dan Marino with [...]

Most All Purpose Yards in the NFL

Jerry Rice leads the NFL with 23,546 total all purpose yards in the NFL, followed by Brian Mitchell 23,330 all purpose yards, Walter Payton with 21,803 all purpose yards in the National Football League, and Emmitt Smith with just over 21,000 yards, and Tim Brown with over 19,000 total yards in the NFL. All purpose [...]

Most Games Won as a Head Coach

Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins was 347 Games as a head coach. He coached from 1963 to 1995 and won the most games as head. After winning 325, he beat the record and went on to be the most winning coach in the history of the NFL. It’s an enormous amount of football wins [...]

Most Sacks in One Game

Derrick Thomas holds the record for the most sacks in one game on the Kansas City Chiefs. Lawrence Taylor might of been the best pass rusher in the history of the NFL and held a tremendous amount of the sacks. But when Derrick Thomas played against the Seattle Seahawks, he was unstoppable for the offensive [...]