Best Comeback Artists in Music

View our list of the artists who made the best comeback in the music industry. These artists were down but not out and they may have went through a tough time and not got the best press, but they have done a great job of making a comeback in their career and putting out more [...]

Artists who died before their Prime

View our list of the artists in music that died before their prime. If these artists lived longer, they would of surely put out more hit records and more music that the world would of loved. It’s so sad that their life ended early and we are left with their music to hold onto for [...]

Best Counting Songs

Find the best counting songs in music. 1, 2, 3, these songs are great for counting and also great for count downs such as the big new years countdown. So download these songs when you want to be pepped up with some numbers and count down to a big occasion. Rock around the Clock by [...]

Best American Idol Singers of All Time

View our list of the best American Idol singers of all time. These american idol contestants went on to having amazing music careers for their unbelievable talent that left America in awe of their voice and vocal abilities. They have recorded hits that have topped the music charts, won grammy awards, and had their own [...]

Sexiest Songs of All Time

View our list of the sexiest songs of all time. Everything knows that sex sells and it’s not different in the music industry. These songs are so sexy that they make the list of the sexiest songs in the history of music. 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls About Us by Brooke Hogan All the [...]

Most Annoying Songs of All Time

View our list of the most annoying songs of all time. These songs are so annoying to listen too, whether it’s because of their lyrics, the music, or just because they were over-played on the radio too many times and they are now so annoying that we can’t even listen to these songs. Achy Breaky [...]

Most Annoying Artists in Music

View our list of the most annoying artists and bands in the music industry. Try listening to these bands for a few days straight and you’ll understand why we think these are the most annoying bands and artists of all time. Whether it sounds off key or the music is just too much, they are [...]

Best Artists who died from Drugs

View our list of the best music artists and people who died before their prime because of drugs or a drug overdose. Drugs are terrible and have killed some of our favorite artists and people in the music industry. Artists who died from drugs Kristen Pfaff of Hole Nick Drake Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon [...]

Best Concerts of All Time

View our list of the best concerts of all time. These concerts left their mark on the music world by rocking the fans and the people who were lucky to attend these special live concerts of music. George Harrison Concert for Bangladesh Led Zepplin – Madison Square Garden Trilogy U2 – L.A. Liquor Store Rooftop [...]

Dream Concerts

View our list of the most amazing dream concerts that we wish we could of attended in the history of music and rock and roll. If you love music, it would of been so special to see these artists live as they are the most missed in the music industry. Woodstock Jimi Hendrix Jeff Buckley [...]