NBA Playoffs Rebounds

View the players who grabbed the most rebounds in the NBA Playoffs. Whether these players were a center or a power forward, they were strong on the glass grabbing tons of rebounds in the playoffs and holding the records in the NBA for the most rebounds. The same few hold most of the NBA playoff [...]

Most NBA Playoff Game Offensive Rebounds

View the NBA player who pulled down the Most NBA Playoff Game Offensive Rebounds. In a NBA playoff game that went to overtime, Moses Malone grabbed 15 offensive rebounds, the most offensive rebounds in NBA playoff game history for the Houston Rockets playing the Washington Bullets on April 21, 1977.

Most NBA Rebounds Records

View the players in the NBA with the best NBA rebounds records in NBA history. Wilt Chamberlain has the most rebounds in a NBA career at 23,924 rebounds. He also averaged the most rebounds per game at 22.9 rebounds and led the NBA for the most seasons with the most rebounds in 11 NBA seasons. [...]