Best Comeback Artists in Music

View our list of the artists who made the best comeback in the music industry. These artists were down but not out and they may have went through a tough time and not got the best press, but they have done a great job of making a comeback in their career and putting out more [...]

Artist with the Best Fashion Sense

View our list of the music artists with the best fashion sense. These artists are classy and always dress to impress. Whether it means starting their own line of clothing, they are trendy and were always watched in the fashion world. LL Cool J Eminem Mariah Carey Gwen Stefani Jimi Hendrix Fergie 50 Cent Prince [...]

Top Female Artists of All Time

Find the top female artists of all time and add your favorite female artist to our group of the great female singers, musicians, and artists. These female artists have the whole package bringing performance, beauty, hot looks, great vocals, great songs, staying power and more to top the music charts. We will always love them [...]