Worst NBA Free Throw Shooter

View the player who was the worst NBA free throw shooter. This NBA player was notoriously fouled at the end of the basketball game so they could put him on the free throw line as there was greater chance he would miss the free throw and they would get the ball back with a chance [...]

Most NBA Playoff Games Played

View the NBA player who played the most NBA playoff games through his career on all NBA teams. Robert Horry holds the record for the Most NBA Playoff Games Played in the history of the NBA playing in a total of 244 NBA playoff games on the Lakers, Spurs, and Rockets. Popular Search Termsmost nba [...]

Most Foul Shots Attempted in a NBA Playoff Game

View the NBA player with the Most Foul Shots Attempted in a NBA Playoff Game, a quarter and a NBA playoff half of one game. Shaquille O’Neal took 27 foul shots attempted in one half of a NBA playoff game for the Los Angeles Lakers and 25 free throws attempted on one quarter of one [...]

Most Points in a NBA Career

View the player with the Most Points scored in a NBA Career. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points in his NBA career, a NBA career record. Kareem dominated players and scored the most points in the NBA.