Artists who died before their Prime

View our list of the artists in music that died before their prime. If these artists lived longer, they would of surely put out more hit records and more music that the world would of loved. It’s so sad that their life ended early and we are left with their music to hold onto for [...]

Artist with the Best Fashion Sense

View our list of the music artists with the best fashion sense. These artists are classy and always dress to impress. Whether it means starting their own line of clothing, they are trendy and were always watched in the fashion world. LL Cool J Eminem Mariah Carey Gwen Stefani Jimi Hendrix Fergie 50 Cent Prince [...]

Most Political Artists

View our list of the most political artists of all time. These artists have always had an underlying message in their music and their lyrics attempting to spread a political message and influence politics and culture through their actions. They have helped stand up for presidents or speak against presidents that they didn’t like and [...]

Greatest Rockstar of All Time

View the greatest rockstar of all time for their talent, performance ability, showmanship, and ability to rule the rock stage and last in our minds forever as the best rockstar. Theses rock stars were able to be the front man of a great band or played their rockin’ instrument better than all others. Trent Reznor [...]