Most NBA Finals Field Goals

View the NBA players who took the most field goals in a NBA finals series in the history of the National Basketball Association. Hakeem Olajuwon made 56 field goals in the NBA finals for the Houston Rockets in 1995 and also attempted a record 116 field goals for the rockets in a 4 Game NBA [...]

Most NBA Playoff Points

View the NBA players who scored the most points in the NBA Playoffs. Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls has the most points in the NBA playoff history. Jordan was a scoring machine for the championship Chicago Bulls team and helped them win a number of NBA playoff games and NBA finals rings. He scored [...]

Most NBA Playoff Game Offensive Rebounds

View the NBA player who pulled down the Most NBA Playoff Game Offensive Rebounds. In a NBA playoff game that went to overtime, Moses Malone grabbed 15 offensive rebounds, the most offensive rebounds in NBA playoff game history for the Houston Rockets playing the Washington Bullets on April 21, 1977.

Most NBA Blocks

View the players with the Most NBA blocks. These NBA players were famous for their defense and ability block the basketball and get tons of rejections in NBA games. Their height and power gave them the ability to block tons of NBA shots. The Most NBA blocks in history is a record held by Hakeem [...]