When is Easter 2012?

Find important dates including the when is the Easter Holiday in 2012? Easter Sunday in 2012 will be celebrated on April 8, 2012. Find more great Easter Facts and dates about the Easter Holiday at Most Interesting Facts. Since Easter falls on a sunday, each year it will have different dates and next year in [...]

Most Interesting Labor Day Facts

View the most interesting labor day facts across the nation and the country of the United States surround the holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday in September for the American workers to enjoy their freedom and prosperity. . Interesting Labor Day Fact: Around One Hundred and Fifty million people represent America’s labor workers [...]

Cool Independence Day Facts

Find the most interesting and cool facts about Independence day holiday in the United States of the America. View fascinating and exciting facts about the Fourth of July holiday in the summer and celebration of the Independence and freedom. Independence first came when the American’s refused to be taxed by the British. So in the [...]

Funny Father’s Day Facts

Find the most interesting father’s day facts including cool and funny facts about the special holiday for your one and only dad this June 19th. It’s funny but true that Father’s Day only lasts about one to two hours during they day of Father’s Day. Then it’s go back to mow the lawn Dad! For [...]

Facts about Memorial Day

Find interesting and cool facts about the Memorial Day holiday in May of this year. Memorial day is a holiday that’s celebrated in America in end of the May. It used to be called D-Day or Decoration Day to remember the war in which American soldiers died for the United States country. It’s also a [...]

Facts About Mothers Day

Get the most interesting Mother’s Day Facts about the wonderful holiday for your mom and all the mothers in the world. Find Fascinating, funny, odd, and weird Mother’s Day Facts. When is mother’s day in 2011? Mother’s Day is on Sunday May, 8th 2011 so so be late ordering your flowers and special gifts for [...]

Interesting Facts about Earth Day

Find Interesting Facts about Earth and the great holiday to bring awareness for our world, energy, going green and nature. Gaylord Nelson who was a US Senate created Earth Day to as the first major holiday for the environment and saving our planet from pollution and global warming. Al Gore has been a big activist [...]

Interesting Facts about the Easter Bunny

View and learn about the most Interesting Facts about the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny or hare has been the featured character of the Easter Holiday for a very long time. Kids across the world wake up early to see what the Easter Bunny has brought them. Even through the Easter Bunny is very famous, [...]

Interesting Facts About Easter

Find the most interesting facts about the Easter Holiday, the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, and the fun and family holiday on Easter Sunday. Easter is a Christian holiday signifying when Jesus came up from the dead after he was crucified When is Easter? See Below for all Easter Dates Easter always falls on a Sunday [...]