Free Throws in NBA Finals

View the NBA players with the Best Free Throw Shooter and Percentage in NBA Finals Career. These players was one of the best free throw shooters and made most of his attempts at the foul line in the NBA finals. Jerry West made the most free throws in the NBA finals career making 455 free [...]

Worst NBA Free Throw Shooter

View the player who was the worst NBA free throw shooter. This NBA player was notoriously fouled at the end of the basketball game so they could put him on the free throw line as there was greater chance he would miss the free throw and they would get the ball back with a chance [...]

NBA Playoffs Free Throws

View the played who scored the most NBA playoffs Free Throws. Not only was this played fouled a lot but they also made a majority of their foul shots and made the most of their opportunity on the free throw line in the NBA playoffs. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls made a record 1,463 [...]

Most Free Throws in NBA Playoffs

View the players of the Most Free Throws made, most free throws taken, and best free throw percentage in in NBA Playoffs history. In a NBA playoff three game series, Kevin Johnson made 43 free throws for Phoenix Suns in 1989. Dolph Schayes took 47 free throws in 1959. Michael Jordan hit all 15 free [...]

Most Foul Shots Attempted in a NBA Playoff Game

View the NBA player with the Most Foul Shots Attempted in a NBA Playoff Game, a quarter and a NBA playoff half of one game. Shaquille O’Neal took 27 foul shots attempted in one half of a NBA playoff game for the Los Angeles Lakers and 25 free throws attempted on one quarter of one [...]

Best Foul Shot Percentage

View the NBA player who made the Best Foul Shot Percentage in One NBA Season. José Calderón shot 98 percent from the free throw line hitting 151 foul shots out of 154 attempted foul shots in the 2008–09 NBA Season

Most Foul Shot Attempts

View the NBA player who made the Most Foul Shot Attempts in One NBA Season. Wilt Chamberlain had 1,363 foul shot attempts the historical 1961–62 NBA Season

Most Foul Shots in One NBA Half

View the player who made the Most Foul Shots in One NBA Half. Michael Jordan made 20 foul shots for the Chicago Bulls playing against the Miami Heat on December 30, 1992

Most Foul Shots in one NBA Game

View the player who scored the Most Foul Shots in one NBA Game. Wilt Chamberlain scored 28 foul shots for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962 Adrian Dantley made 28 foul shots for the Utah Jazz playing against the Houston Rockets on January 4, 1984