Worst NFL Team in History

The Tampa Bay Bucs hold the record for 26 consecutive losses. It was truly a terrible team and the most memorable bad team in the NFL. They could be called the worst team in NFL history. Other teams like the Oakland Raiders lost 19 straight games and the Cardinals also lost 19 straight games, but [...]

Most Super Bowl Appearances

Otto Grahm of the Cleveland Browns holds this record for most super bowl appearances. Otto grahm could be classified as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. In those days, it was championship game. Otto also played basketball. It was in the 1946 in the All American football conference in the beginning, but the [...]

Most Sacks in One Game

Derrick Thomas holds the record for the most sacks in one game on the Kansas City Chiefs. Lawrence Taylor might of been the best pass rusher in the history of the NFL and held a tremendous amount of the sacks. But when Derrick Thomas played against the Seattle Seahawks, he was unstoppable for the offensive [...]