When is Easter 2012?

Find important dates including the when is the Easter Holiday in 2012? Easter Sunday in 2012 will be celebrated on April 8, 2012. Find more great Easter Facts and dates about the Easter Holiday at Most Interesting Facts. Since Easter falls on a sunday, each year it will have different dates and next year in [...]

Interesting Facts about Easter Eggs

Find the most Interesting Facts about Easter Eggs and why they are such a big part of the Christian Holiday Easter and have been involved with the Easter Bunny and Easter Sunday for many years. Easter Eggs are typically involved in Easter through Easter Egg hunts, which is so much for the children. Easter Eggs [...]

Interesting Facts About Easter

Find the most interesting facts about the Easter Holiday, the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, and the fun and family holiday on Easter Sunday. Easter is a Christian holiday signifying when Jesus came up from the dead after he was crucified When is Easter? See Below for all Easter Dates Easter always falls on a Sunday [...]