Graduation Day Facts

Find the most interesting facts about Graduation Day for your high school, college, or university. Find funny, fascinating, and cool facts about graduating in May and moving onto to the next phase of your life, whether it’s college or the real world, which means getting a job and paying the bills. Graduation Day from High [...]

Biggest NCAA Tournament Upsets

View a list of the biggest ncaa tournament upsets in recent history in the men’s college basketball ncaa tournament. There has only been 3 teams that were 11th seed in their region to make it to the final four. The first big upset underdog was LSU as an 11 seed, the LSU Tigers lost to [...]

Top 9 Most Fantastic Executive Clubbing Places in the World

Here’s a list of most fantastic executive clubbing places in the world. Executive clubbing place is refers to a nightclub or discotheque which offers the places to dance or disco. A nightclub is usually distinguished from bars, pubs, or taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and DJ booth. A DJ plays recorded dance [...]