NBA Playoff 50 Point Games

View the only NBA player to score over 50 points in two NBA playoff games in a row. This player also holds the record for the most games with over 50 points in the NBA playoffs. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls scored 50 points in Game 1 of the NBA playoff game in 1998 [...]

Most NBA Playoff Points

View the NBA players who scored the most points in the NBA Playoffs. Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls has the most points in the NBA playoff history. Jordan was a scoring machine for the championship Chicago Bulls team and helped them win a number of NBA playoff games and NBA finals rings. He scored [...]

Most Field Goals in NBA Playoff Game

View the players with the Most field goals scored in a NBA Playoff game. Find out the NBA playoff field goal records below. 3 players have made 24 field goals in the NBA playoffs in one game. Wilt Chamberlain scored 24 field goals for the Philadelphia Warriors against the the Syracuse Nationals on March 14, [...]

Most foul shots made in NBA History

View the players with the Most foul shots made, free throws made, free throw percentage and attempts in NBA History. Karl Malone made 9,787 foul shots in his career which was 74.21% from the free throw line. He led the NBA for 8 seasons with the most foul shots made. While Micheal Williams made 97 [...]