Top 10 New Golfers

View a list of the top 10 new Golfers in the sports of Golf. These Golf players are young and will be the next generation of golf stars.

Matteo Mannasero is only 16 and charging to be one of the top golfers. Ai Miyazato golfer is a female golfer for the future. She is on her way to the top of the golf pros. Ryo Ishikawa is a great Japanese Golfer who plays great golf and was successful at the Masters. This women hits the golf ball with power and finesse, Yani Tseng is a great golf pro of the future. Dustin Johnson is a great golf pro who will be winning in the future.

Rory Mcilroy was leading the 2011 Masters for the first three rounds and he blew the Masters in the last round, but proved on a National stage that Rory Mcilroy could be the new golfer of the future and the next Tiger Woods.

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