Worst NFL Team in History

The Tampa Bay Bucs hold the record for 26 consecutive losses. It was truly a terrible team and the most memorable bad team in the NFL. They could be called the worst team in NFL history. Other teams like the Oakland Raiders lost 19 straight games and the Cardinals also lost 19 straight games, but the Tampa Bay bucs were the worst. The offensive lineman were terrible and kind of like the bad news browns… They gave mean to the name bad news. In 1977, the Bucs finally beat the Saints to win a game. It was a special moment in Tampa Bay Bucs history of the NFL organization. In order for that NFL record to be broken, some time has to be very bad and typically bad teams will at least have a few wins in a season. The Tampa Bucs team could be considered the worst sports team of all time in any sport, not just the worst football team but the worst team to ever grace a sports playing field.

Each year the Tampa Bay Bucs struggle to get wins in NFL games, they are consistently a team that tons of people are betting against and maybe in the coming years, the tampa bay buccaneers will overcome their struggles and lose their place as the worst team in the National Football League.

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