Most Wide Receiver TDs in the NFL

These Wide Receivers were TD machines catching the most TD’s in NFL history as a Wide Receiver. These wide receivers were not just fast, but many of them were big and strong, and also were great route runners making them very tough to cover for defensive players as they could break any defensive scheme and out run any corner back or safety in the NFL.

  • Jerry Rice has the most wide receiver TDs in the NFL with 197
  • Randy Moss has caught tons of 50 yards TD’s, but holds a tie second place for the most TD’s as a Wide Receiver in the NFL with 153 Touchdowns
  • Terrell Owens is tied with Randy Moss for most TDs receptionin second place
  • Cris Carter was once said in Philadelphia, “all he does is catch touchdowns”, but that isn’t a bad thing as he holds third place for most TD’s as Wide Receiver in the NFL with 130 TD’s
  • Marvin Harrison is a leader of the most TD’s in the NFL with 130 catching amazing passes from Peyton Manning

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