Most Running Back Yards in the NFL

These Running Backs have rushed for the most yards on the ground in the NFL. They are tough to tackle, keep a low center of gravity, and make defenders miss continuously.

  • Emmitt Smith just entered the Hall of Fame leading the NFL in rushing yards as a running back with the most running back yards at 18,355
  • Walter Payton was fearless on the Chicago Bears rushing for 16,726 running back yards in the NFL
  • Barry Sanders could of been the most exciting running back to ever play in the NFL and he has the record for the third most running back rushing yards in the NFL at 15,269
  • Curtis Martin was a beast on the ground carrying his teams for 14,101 rushing yards as a Running Back in the NFL.
  • Jerome Bettis has an amazing career with 13,662 running back yards and he was definitely the biggest running back making his feat even more special.

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