Most Receiving Yards in the NFL

These players have the most receiving yards in the NFL. This list combines both running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers, but you’ll the top NFL players with the most receiving yards are typically Wide Receivers for their big receiving yard games and many more pass receptions and attempts than all other players.

  • Jerry Rice has 22,895 the most receiving yards as a Wide Receiver or player in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ners were a dominate team with Jerry Rice and Joe Montana.
  • Terrell Owens has 15,721 receiving yards as WR in the NFL. Terell has bounced around teams, but continues to rack up yards approaching Jerry Rice’s record now on the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Isaac Bruce has 15,208 receiving yards in the NFL has consistently been a threat throughout his career.
  • Tim Brown had 14,934 total receiving yards in the NFL and made our most receiving yards list. Tim Brown did most of his damage in receptions and yards as a wide receiver on the Oakland Raiders.
  • Randy Moss has 14,778 total receiving yards and counting in the NFL.

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