Most QB wins in the NFL

These QB’s have the most wins in the NFL. Many of them also have the best winning percentage, meaning almost any game they play in , these quarterbacks find a way to win the game. Be worried if your the opposing team and your playing against these QB’s when it matters as they top the list for the most wins for a QB in NFL history.

  • Brett Favre led his teams to 186 wins over his long career.
  • John Elway was a true Denver Broncos leader and is on the list for the most QB wins in the NFL with 148
  • Dan Marino shined for the Miami Dolphins bringing home 147 wins in the NFL
  • Peyton Manning continues to win with 141 wins as a QB in the NFL and counting, he will reach second place very soon
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  • Fran Tarkenton had 128 wins in his NFL career.

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