Most Consecutive Games with a Touchdown Pass

Johnny Unitis was a tough and accurate QB and passed for 47 consecutive games with a pass for a touchdown. Every NFL game has it’s battle and to throw a TD in every game is a tough feat. Some games are tough to pass at all, let alone a TD, and to throw a TD in 47 games is an amazing feat for a QB. He was a warrior and practiced like all hell to be the best QB he could be. He was a star and number 19 will go down in history as one of the best colts qb and passing records for the NFL. His most infamous play in was a run play which is definitely ironic. In today’s football game, teams are passing and throwing TD’s more so it’s possible to get this NFL record beaten. The problem is consistency as defensive plays are getting tough to continue to throw touchdowns in over 47 straight games. We’ll have to wait and see. He was a great QB and lost in Los Angeles.

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