Best Wide Receiver of All Time

Don Hudson is a wide receiver who hold the record for 8 straight seasons with most Touchdowns. Emmit Smith, Lance Allworth, Jim Brown each led the NFL record in the most touch downs. Again, times were different when Don Hudson was scoring touchdowns. Don Hudson would have more receptions and touchdowns than entire teams. He was the champ of the football field and the king of the touchdown and almost had 100 TD’s in his career. He was a living touch down machine. He knew how to the get in the endzone and could be call the best wide receiver in history of the NFL. In today’s NFL, the defense is more powerful and it’s harder to score TD’s than back in the day when Football didn’t have as much strategy.

Many will say that Jerry Rice or Steve Largent is the best wide receiver of all time in the NFL, however, Don Hudson gives them a run for their money.

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