Best Road Team of All Time

The San Francisco 49ners won 18 straight road game wins in 1988. With Joe Montana, he led the team to 2 Super Bowl victories and one against the Bengals in a classic fashion. With Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, and Jerry Rice, this team was unstoppable. They were losing to the Eagles in 1989, but came back in a classic game to throw 4 td’s in the last quarter and veterans stadium was shocked. The 49ners traveled well and played better on the football field. Even winning in the NFC championship at Soldier Field in Chicago, they beat a great Bears team in the cold windy city of Chicago. Jerry Rice ran away with a TD and beat them up in the home field of the Bears. The previous record was the Chargers with 11 straight wins. This is a tough win streak to match especially because it was on the road.

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