Best QB Passer Rating in the NFL

These QB’s have the best QB Passer Rating in the NFL for continually throwing accurate passes and receptions. They throw a lot of passes, and make a lot of pass attempts, but also complete more than all other QB’s in the NFL making them sharp throwers and very tough to defend.

  • Aaron Rodgers just led the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl Champs and he was MVP holding the NFL record for a QB passer rating of 98.4
  • Philip Rivers continues to pass to wide receivers hitting them in the numbers with his QB passer rating of 97.2
  • Steve Young was a sharp passer and very accurate with a career NFL QB passer rating of 96.8
  • Tony Romo held a great passer rating connecting with Miles Austin and other receivers making his NFL passer rating at 95.5. It may be tough for him to continue these numbers after his recent shoulder injury
  • Tom Brady has won Super Bowls and always throws passes on the money with his QB passer rating of 95.2
  • Peyton Manning is on the best QB’s to ever play the game winning games and climbing up the list with his QB passer rating of 94.9
  • Drew Brees has a super ring to show for his 91.7 QB passer rating

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