Best NFL Records

View our list of the best NFL records of all time. These football records may stand the test of time and never be broken. From the best football players in the history of the NFL since it’s creation in 1920, these nfl records are the best in football history. The record book is huge in the NFL as it has more than 80 years of records. These NFL records are classic and stand out among all the records in the record book. There are tons of streak

NFL Record for the Most Sacks in One Game
This NFL Records is held by Derrick Thomas on the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Record the most passes over 2 games
Donovan Mcnabb of the Philadelphia Eagles with 24 straight passes

NFL Record for most consecutive seasons with 1,000 yards rushing
Emmit Smith of the Dallas Cowboys holds this NFL record

NFL Record for the longest win streak in the NFL
This record is held by the New England Patriots with 21 games.

NFL Record for most consecutive seasons in the Super Bowl
Otto Grahm of the Cleveland Browns holds this record.

Best NFL Record for Winning Record in a Season
Held by the 17-0 1972 Miami Dolphins with Larry Sconka.

NFL Single Season Rushing Record
Eric Dickerson on the 1984 Rams had over 2,100 yards rushing on the ground.

Best NFL Record for NFL Single Season Record for Touchdown Passes by a Quarterback
Peyton Manning holds this record with the Indianapolis Colts in 2004 with 49 TD passes

Best NFL Record for Most NFL Single Season Receptions by a Wide Receiver
Marvin Harrison holds this NFL Record with the Indianapolis Colts in 2002 with 143 receptions.

NFL Record for the Most Consecutive Championship Game Losses
Jim Kelly holds the record with 4 straight championship game appearances on the Buffalo Bills and losing them all.

Best NFL Record for Most Consecutive Seasons as Coach
Tom Landry coached the Dallas Cowboys for 29 consecutive years.

Best NFL Record for Most Consecutive Road Game Wins
The San Francisco 49ners won 18 straight road game wins in 1988.

Best NFL Record for Touchdowns in most consecutive seasons
Don Hudson held the record for 8 straight seasons.

Most consecutive game losing streak
The Tampa Bay Bucs hold the record for 26 consecutive losses.

Best NFL Record for Most Safety’s in a one Game
Fred Dryer had 2 Safety’s in one game

Best NFL Record for Most Fumbles in a game
Lynn Dawson Fumbled 7 times in a one game

Best NFL Record for most passing yards in a game
Norm Van Brocklyn had over 500 yards passing in one game

Best NFL Record Consecutive Game Starts by a QuarterBack
Brett Farve holds the record for the most consecutive game starts as a QB at 297.

Best NFL Record Most Consecutive Games with a Touchdown Pass
Johnny Unitis holds the record with 47 TD passes.

Best NFL Record Most Games Won as a Head Coach
Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins was 347 Games as a head coach.

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