Best Fishing Destinations in the World

If you like traveling and finding fishing destinations where you can get huge fishes, I have top 5 best fishing destinations that I like to share with you. These 5 fishing places have wonderful view and I am sure at least you can bring 4 or 5 5-10lbs of fresh fishes from these locations.

Trout Fishing Slovenia

1 fly fishing slovenia Best Fishing Destinations in the World

Trout Fishing

Slovenia has plenty population of brown and marble trout and those fishes are staying inside beautiful lakes and around gorgeous scenery. One operator who can accommodate your fishing trips here is Go Fishing Worldwide. It offers 7 night trips accommodations started from £850. If you want to check the details go to or called 020 8742-1556.

FLY-Fishing( Iceland)

2 fly fishing iceland Best Fishing Destinations in the World

Iceland has many spot where you can fish big, strong and healthy Trout plus Arctic Char. If you are seasonal fishermen, you can get a new experience here. One travel agent that can accommodate your trips is Discover the World agency. It offers 3 night trips for £1,125/individual. The detail information about them is at or 01737-218800

Bonefishing – Venezuela

3 Bonefishing in Venezuela Best Fishing Destinations in the World

In Venezuela, in Los Roques archipelago, the population of Bonefish is abundant and you can fish some of them with your fishing gears. There are many travel agent that can lead you to this location and of them is Sunyil Traveller Latin America. It offers 14 nights trip packet for £3,937. That money include a return flights to Caracas. Their website is and their hot line number is 020 8568 4499

GameFishing (Little Cayman)

Gamefishing in Little Cayman Best Fishing Destinations in the World

Little Cayman island is surrounded by huge populations of salt water fishes and one operator ready to accommodate your trips to this island for view thousand pound sterling. The travel agent is Go fishing worldwide (

Dorado Fishing of Argentina

Dorado fishing in Argentina 1024x768 Best Fishing Destinations in the World

Golden Dorado River is a popular and one of the best fishing destinations located in Argentina. Many fishermen attracted to visit the location each year and some of them are accommodated by Wild and Exotic travel agent. To make your reservation, you can go to

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