Most NBA Finals Free Throws

View the player who made the most NBA Finals Free Throws in a NBA finals game.

Dwyane Wade made a record 21 free throws in the overtime NBA Finals game for the Miami Heat playing against the Dallas Mavericks in 2006.

Shaquille O’Neal holds the NBA finals record for attempting 39 free throws in the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers NBA finals game. He made 13 free throws in one half of that NBA finals game reaching a record and also a record for the most foul shot attempts in a half at 22 free throws attempted.

However, in a NBA finals quarter of one game. Shaquille is tied with Frank Ramsey, Michael Jordan, Austin Croshere, and Allen Iverson for making 9 free throws in a quarter. For Shaquille, he took the most free throws in one NBA Finals quarter at free throws

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