Most NBA Finals Field Goals

View the NBA players who took the most field goals in a NBA finals series in the history of the National Basketball Association.

Hakeem Olajuwon made 56 field goals in the NBA finals for the Houston Rockets in 1995 and also attempted a record 116 field goals for the rockets in a 4 Game NBA finals series. Allen Iverson made 66 baskets in a 5 game series for the Philadelphia 76ers shooting over 40 percent from the field, and he broke the record taking 162 field goal attempts in a 5 game NBA finals series. Michael Jordan made 101 field goals for the Chicago Bulls in 93 shooting an astounding 50 percent from the field. Rick Barry has the record with 235 shot attempts in a 6 game NBA finals series. In seven game series, Elgin made 101 baskets and also took a record 235 field goal attempts.

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