Most Free Throws in NBA Playoffs

View the players of the Most Free Throws made, most free throws taken, and best free throw percentage in in NBA Playoffs history.

In a NBA playoff three game series, Kevin Johnson made 43 free throws for Phoenix Suns in 1989. Dolph Schayes took 47 free throws in 1959. Michael Jordan hit all 15 free throws for the Chicago Bulls 1997 team. In a NBA playoff four game series, Kobe Bryant made 51 foul shots for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001, while his teammate Shaquille O’Neal missed 68 free throws in the NBA playoffs for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002. In a five game NBA playoff series, Oscar Robertson made 62 shots from the free throw line in 1964, and Karl Malone took a total of 74 shots from the foul line for the Utah Jazz in 1992. For a six game NBA playoff series, Jerry West holds the record making 86 free throws for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1965 and Dwyane Wade took a record 97 free throws attempted for the Miami Heat 2006. In a seven game NBA playoff series, Dolph Schayes has the NBA record making 83 free throws in the playoffs of 1959. Don Shayes could be called the best free throw shooter in NBA history for this record. and Charles Barkley too a record 100 free throw shots for Philadelphia 76ers back in 1986 NBA playoffs

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