Most Dominant NCAA Basketball Teams

View our list of the Most Dominant NCAA Basketball Teams for their tenure as one of the top college basketball teams through talent, skill, dedication, hard work, winning records, and pure NCAA basketball domination. These top NCAA college basketball programs and teams have dominated the rest of the field through great players, coaching and more. If you know of other teams to add to our list of the best NCAA Basketball teams, add them below.

Syracuse Orangemen
The Syracuse Orangemen have consistenly been a team that’s been tough to beat with their coach Jim Boeheim, they have produced professional stars like Carmelo Anthony who has been one of the Most Dominant players in the NBA in recent years.

UNC North Carolina Tarheels
The Tarheels of North Carolina are consistently good and are up at the top of the list for most wins in the NCAA tournament. The UNC tarheels have produced some of the greatest basketball players in the NBA including Micheal Jordan. The tarheels were a winning machine under coach Dean Smith and it made them a force to be reckoned with in the ACC. Dean Smith had the record of the top wins as NCAA basketball coach during his tenure, which was only beating by the infamous Bob Knight of Indiana. Even after coach Dean Smith, the Tarheels continue to power through the ACC with coach Roy Williams.

Kentucky Wildcats
The Kentucky Wildcats have always had one of the most dominant NCAA basketball teams in the country. Their men’s college basketball program has the most wins in the history of men’s college NCAA basketball. They have over two thousand wins as an organization and have the highest winning percentage of all NCAA basketball teams. Watch out when you step into the Rupp Arena named after Adoph Rupp, Kentucky has had a history of great coaches including Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith. Consistently dominating the SEC, Kentucky won the SEC title in 2011 and continue to dominate opponents. They have produced amazing NBA players including Jamaal Mashburn and John Wall in recent years who was the number one pick to the Washington Wizards.

Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas basketball always brings a good game and are always a tough NCAA basketball team to beat. The won the NCAA championship under coach Larry Brown who went to have successful career in the NBA and Danny Manning led the charge for the Jayhawks on their way to the NCAA title. Kansas comes from the Big 12 and have won over 53 conference titles which is an NCAA record as they continue to dominate the Big 12.

Duke Bluedevils
The Duke Blue Devils are the most dominant team and college basketball program in NCAA history. Coach Mike Krzyzewski also called Coach K for his long last name has developed a winning NCAA college basketball program. Having produced many championships including one in 2010, the Duke Bluedevils have produced many NBA stars including Christian Laetner, Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, and many more. Krzyzewski has led the Duke team to 4 NCAA Champion wins, 11 Final four appearances, and 13 ACC championships in his tenure of over 30 years at Duke. Duke has a record of 79 NCAA tournament wins and Coach K has over 900 career wins making him the most winning and dominant NCAA basketball coach in history. He was introduced to the hall of fame and has been offered coaching roles in the NBA many times and has always turned them down to continue his passion for coaching Duke Blue Devils Basketball.

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