Most Assists in NBA History

View the players with the most assists in NBA history. These players know how to pass the basketball and creating scoring opportunities for their teammates. Many of them are guards with the leader being a point guard, and these players carry their team on their shoulders by not being selfish and passing the ball, sometimes even if means sacrificing the basket for themselves.

  • John Stockton led the Utah Jazz and the NBA with the most assists in history 15,806 assists. It didn’t hurt having Karl Malone on his team, but John Stockton from Gonzaga made the most of career and good teammates passing more often than he scored.
  • Jason Kidd is an all around team player and led the NBA with the most assists at 11,559, just behind John Stockton
  • Mark Jackson is a proven team and did a lot of damage on the Indiana Pacers passing the ball and gaining 10,334 assists in his career
  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson was a stud when passing the ball. He captivated basketball fans all over the world even on his days as a Michigan State Spartan up until he was a Los Angeles Laker getting himself on the list for the most assists in NBA history at 10,141 assists.
  • Oscar Robertson made the list with 9,887 assists
  • Steve Nash isn’t just a scorer from Santa Barbara in California, he is also a proven passer with 9,217 assists in the NBA
  • Isiah Thomas was a threat on the Detroit Pistons and knew how to command a team and pass the ball getting on the list for the most assists in the NBA at 9,061 assists.
  • Gary Payton or “the glove” didn’t just pick your pocket and steal the basketball, he could score and pass the ball with 8,966 assists, one of the most in NBA history
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