Best Three Point Percentage in NBA Playoffs

View the NBA players who recorded the Best Three Point Percentage in NBA Playoffs history. These three point assassins could make shots from all over the court and were successful in most of their three point field goals have a high percentage of three point shots made.

Little Muggsy Bogues made six of seven three points and had a three point percentage of 85.7% in the 1997 NBA playoffs in a three game series. Muggsy Bogues also holds the record for being one of the smallest players in NBA history. Bob Hansen shot over 81 percent from three point shots for the Utah Jazz in 1988 NBA playoffs. Byron Scott was over 80 percent from three point field goals for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA playoffs. Danny Ainge shot over 63 percent in a 6 game NBA playoff series for the Phoenix Suns in 1993. The record for a seven game NBA playoff series belongs to Brian Shaw who had a three point field goal percentage of over 60 percent for teh Los Angeles Lakers in the year 2000. He made eleven of eighteen three point shots.

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