Best NBA Records

View the best NBA records in the history of the National Basketball Association. These great basektball are tough to beat and make the NBA so special. View great NBA playoffs records, NBA player records, NBA teams, and more of the best NBA records of all time.

Best NBA Player for Scoring in NBA History
Micheal Jordan
Wilt Chamberlain
View the player with the most points in the nba

Best NBA Player for Passing in NBA History
John Stockton
View the player with Most Assists in the NBA

Best NBA Player for Rebounds in NBA History
Kareem Abdul Jabaar
Most Rebounds in NBA

Best NBA Teams in History
2011-12 Miami Heat
1966-76 Philadelphia 76ers
1964-65 Boston Celtics
1971-72 L.A. Lakers
1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Best Three Point Shooters in NBA History
Tim Thomas, Michael Redd, Kobe Bryant
View the players with Most Three Pointers in a Half
Most Threes in a Game
Most Three Point Shots in a Game

Best Player for Being the Most Exciting
Tracy McGrady
Vince Carter
Allen Iverson

Best Slam Dunker in the NBA
Vince Carter

Coolest White Basketball in the NBA
Jason Kidd

Hottest NBA Basketball Wife
Jason Kidd

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